Hello! I’m
Diana Rinkoff

It’s time to improve your Clarity, Confidence and Focus.  

Hi, I am Diana Rinkoff, M.A.,  I have been leading seminars and workshops on personal and professional growth, since the early 1980’s.  I spent my first 25 years in corporate America in sales and human resource consulting. During that time I embarked on my own spiritual journey. In 2006, I returned to school to earn my Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology which incorporates Western Psychology and Eastern philosophies, with an emphasis on the Mind-Body-Soul connection. In 2010, I complete the advanced work as a Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioner.  I provide a compelling approach to traditional psychology and coaching by working with my clients to understand and change their belief systems as a catalyst to personal and professional transformation.

Live a Life of Clarity, Confidence and Focus

Our Journey Together

I Believe

I believe there are three things in our life that hold us hostage and keep us from making a change. Our beliefs, our fears and the people we need to forgive, including ourselves.

Our beliefs determine what we expect from the world. ‘Whatever you believe becomes your reality.”

Our fears, become our triggers and cause the brain to short circuit. Limiting our ability to move forward or respond authentically for fear of being misunderstood or misjudged.

Forgiveness keeps our minds in a perpetual loop. Forgiveness challenges us to fundamentally shift our perception of the world or others.

Each of us is a collection of our experiences, in childhood we establish our core beliefs. These are the beliefs that seep deeply into our subconscious mind and influence the development of the thoughts, ideas, and opinions that are at the base of our reality.  These beliefs become the organizing principles out of which we play out our life. Core beliefs are entrenched in our thoughts, feelings, choices reactions, patterns and behaviors.  They are at the root of our suffering, and the reason it is hard to move forward.

Core Beliefs

My Process

I work with my clients to identify and correct the following areas:
-We identify the areas that are not working in your life, both career and personal.
– We look at how stress and drama play out in your life.
– Identify fears that trigger you.
– We look at the stories around childhood or adult traumas.
– Identify areas of forgiveness.
– Identify habitual patterns.
– Access the Brain’s Neurological Integration, or cross-talk between the hemispheres of the brain.

What you can expect:
– Emotional Well-Being
– Less drama more emotional composure
– Renewed sense of purpose and direction
– Reconnection to your Heart, Soul and Intuition
– Reconnect to the Essence of who you really are
– Reduce the negative side effect of stress on the body
– Reconnect to feelings of gratitude and joy
– Clarity, Confidence and Focus


One of the tools I use is Crossinology Brain Integration Technology


The Crossinology Brain Integration successfully clears away difficulties you may be struggling with during your daily life or difficulties from your past. The brain can become overstimulated and hold on to fear, anxiety, or thought patterns around money, relationships, career,  past events or trauma. 

Let me explain, the human brain performs extremely complicated electromagnetic functions and, like any other organ shows symptoms of stress. Under stress, the brain’s blood supply is redirected into sympathetic overdrive or ‘fight or flight’ in the body, and the logic center or creative center simply shuts down.

When the brain is under a lot of stress, the synchronization of brain function is lost and the brain cannot process correctly. We lose access to bi-hemispheric function.

Using Brain Integration , I help you to re-pattern the brain. Allowing the brain to function more efficiently and utilize more of the brains processing power.

Using this process, I work with you to desensitize old emotional wounds, release habitual thought patterns, let go of false beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve you.

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